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Thriving in Lockdown

 As the UK and many European countries head back into a full lockdown it's hard at times to think of anything else.  Everyone has an opinion, for or against lockdown,  schools closing or not,  vaccines good or bad and so on.  But whatever your opinion on the subject, it is what it is and like it or not we have to make the best of it.  There was a lot said at the start of the lockdowns in March last year about using the time productively,  to get fit, learn a new skill, reorganise your home and so on.  For me at the start I tried to embrace this and loved the inspiring posts I saw online.  It kept me going in a strange and scary time and helped me focus.  Being productive gives me a sense of achievement and I've always worked on the theory that even if it doesn't cheer me up, at least I've done something useful and taken my mind of things in the process. I do realise I was lucky and it was easier for me to do this than others in different situations.   Not being in the U
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Resolutions for a new year

I've always loved New Year, the very start of them at least. Many a New Years Day has been hungover to varying degrees, but once we recover from that I love the new beginning.  I love a new calendar,  writing in the birthdays and any plans that have been made for the year.      As much as I love Christmas I like to get the decorations away, have a good clean and feel like we are back to 'normal'.  I'm not one for making a long list of resolutions, but I do tend to have some in mind at least each year.  I never plan to start them immediately though,  I think that's a recipe for complete failure, for me at least.  It doesn't seem to be mentioned much these days but it always seemed to be that people talked about giving up smoking for new year.  Maybe they all did eventually but it's the main resolution I remember hearing about growing up, and then of course once I started smoking myself.    I gave up almost 3 years ago now, not at New Year, although as the new

Scrolling and Sighing

Do you ever find yourself on social media scrolling with a sigh? I'm sure you have seen posts that make you feel like you could be better, that others are fitter, tidier thinner, more beautiful, wealthier, loved, or just generally happier than you.  This time of year can be the worst, when it looks like everyone is having a better time, with huge piles of gifts, perfect decorations, happy families, matching PJs, and beautiful happy children baking cookies.  It's not unique to Christmas of course, summer evenings at the beach, family BBQ's, birthdays, exotic holidays,  cute kids, loved up couples, beautiful people and inspirational houses can have the same effect all year round.  There have been times where I've had to step away from the phone, when it all feels a bit too much.  Times where I was perfectly happy until the beautiful happy photos slowly chip away at your peace and start to make you feel like things should be different, everything needs to be improved, that

Being cheerful in a pandemic

 So where to start with my shiny new blog? The overthinking is going well and I've had so many post ideas pop into my head in the last 24 hours that I now don't know where to start!  I thought it strange that I've felt happy / excited about it, and one of the reasons I started 'Talking on Eggshells' was so I could talk about things that made me sad or angry without worrying so much about people I know in real life reading it all so easily.  I forgot though how I love a new thing, even if one of the things I love is sharing it and that's kinda hard with a blog I'm trying not to make personal.  For several years, inspired by other bloggers, I've looked for the good things in every day, and for reasons to be cheerful, so much so that it became a habit, one I've even passed onto my children.   However I've been feeling like I couldn't write a 'Reasons to be Cheerful' post, like people wouldn't get it.  I've not been all that cheer

Talking on Eggshells

Many years ago I started writing a blog, it began much like this one with no prior planning and no plan as to where it was going.  I knew nothing about blogs, websites or social media other than how to put a few random pics on facebook.   While I've never gone viral or become a famous blogger, all these years later my blog is still known - by friends, family, neighbours and 'blog friends' worldwide and because of this I find myself always overthinking what I write these days.  I never tried to be anonymous with my blog, and to be honest I'm not even sure I'll be able to pull it off with this one but I would love to be able to write without judgment,  to be able to ramble on about whatever is on my mind without worrying what family will think, if they will worry about me or try to 'fix' it.  I've always shared my posts on facebook via a page and my personal profile and for me it's time to cut that down a bit and attempt to stay a bit more under the ra